The Fourth Tantram deals with Mantras and Chakras. The Ajaba Mantra forms the seed of all the Mantras. It is called the dumb Mantra as it could not be recited except in conjunction with others. Tirumular deals in this chapter with Panchakkara Mantra and other Beeja Mantras. He seeks also to explain Chakras, Such as Tiruvambala Chakra, Tripurai Chakra Yeroli Chakra etc., and their appropriate letters, besides giving guidance on various methods of  reciting them.

In the section dealing with Archanas (worship according to rituals), Tirumular takes pains to stress that real worship consists not in the formal observance of elaborate and complicated rituals, but in inward seeking with humility and perseverance. Incidentally, Tirumular also refers to Sakthi Mantras such as Balai, Tripurai, Bhuvanai, Navakshari. Panchak­shari, Sodasakshari etc., and their roots.