A man is construed to be a complete man if he accomplished in three aspects - Health - Wealth and spiritual perfection. A man proceeding in this direction can be said to be leading a  "GOOD WAY AND GOOD LIFE''. Hence, we are opening a web- site under this caption with a view to feed some data that can be useful to the mankind. We will also invite good suggestions from the viewers.


                           In this inaugural session, we would like to give some thoughts about TIRUMOOLAR a legendary mystic in Indian history .He is said to have lived up to 3000 years and had given his THIRUMANTHIRAM to posterity.


                            Hoary Saivism from Tamil Nadu (India) is proud of possessing 12 canonical and 14 metaphysical works considered to be its treasure house. Thirumanthiram falls as 10 th among the 12 canonical   works. This work is the earliest among all works of the said two categories.


                            Thirumoolar who authored Thirumanthiram is a legendary figure - said to have lived during 6000- 3000 years B.C . His authentic history is available in "Peria Puranam'' the 12TH canonical work. This saint is respected both by Vedantic and Siddhantic tradition. His book containing 3047 verses is named as Thanthiram, going to mean that it is the gist of the Vedas and Agamas revealed by Lord Siva Fine Thanthirams are available which set forth the quintessence of the nine Shivagamas considered to be the revelations of Lord Shiva.


                           The language in which the author had made his work is "Tamil'' an ancient and saintly language of South India. Many interpretations are available for this work both Vedantic and Siddhantic. True translation and correct interpretations are not available in English.


                            To overcome this short - coming, this introduction to Thirumoolar`s Thirumanthiram has been published by Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam a great traditional Mutt in tamilnadu (India) in January 1956. We feel that this would be very useful to the readers who long for spiritual perfection.


                            To know more about the Thirumantram click this link THIRUMANTHIRAM